RE:Present #2, we care a lot
The opening of Rib
Work in Progress (working title)
The Way We Work
Graduation shows Minerva Art Academy
A Way of Learning. Growing in Cultural Institutions.
The Blue Salon
Blau machen
Seminar editions
Appropriate Kidnapping
Meditation Sit-ins
The Grammar of Display
Getting Lost
On Curating Education
Club Witte de With
X is work, Y is play, Z is keeping your mouth shut
Crash course to the art community
Top of the Mill
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On dishonesty, gossip, envy and shame
Morality Act 0 (web platform)
The Exciting Museum
Rotterdam Dialogues: Critics, Curators, Artists
JET – a project and a publication
William Hunt - Tempting Fate, Swimming Alone
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Unraveling Rotterdam, Source Book 2
Speak Out / Where do we go from here?
Is it Because I'm Black?
Can small battles change the world?
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Stay where you are
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